Ramzi Saibi abstract artwork with acrylic on paper


Ramzi Saibi –


50x 65 cm

Ink on sandpaper



Ramzi Saibi is a young Franco-Tunisian artist. Fascinated by the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy, he discovered this art during his trips to Tunisia. He is a self-taught artist. However he could study with renowned calligraphers such as Abdel Hamid Djouambi and Yassin Deradra. He was also influenced by the art of Amor Jomni, Abdel Ghani Alani, Salah Moussawy, Hassan Massoudy and many others…

Nowadays Ramzi Saibi is the author of a contemporary Arabic calligraphy marked by multiple influences and inspired by tradition to create novelty. With a modern and urban touch, this artist forges and sculpts shapes and symbols that interpret words. We may wonder if it is a coincidence that in Arabic, the root of the name “Ramzi” means “symbol”. His art is the reflection of his dual culture. He defines his style as a “merging of calligraphy and contemporary art, a symbiosis between the East and the West”.

Ramzi Saibi is an artist with multiple facets. He does not only exhibit his work in usual art galleries. He has been performing live artistic shows on the scenes of national and international festivals since 2012.

The world of music is also interested in this young artist. For instance, he was asked in 2013 to take part in the “AHWAK” musical project of the famous diva Sarah Ayoub, during which he conceptualized a work representing the project.