Open and created in 2016 by Baptiste, a French fellowman who grew up and lived for more than 15 years in Hong Kong, L’Epicerie Fine HK aim is to promote the Street Art movement in Hong Kong by presenting several artists works.

Within our passion for Street Art, L’Epicerie Fine HK sets up exhibitions, pop up stores and showrooms around Hong Kong with renowned artists and future talents. We invite the artist to come over to Hong Kong in order to present his works and at the same time, we try to find walls to paint in order for the public to see & meet them.

All the artworks are selected by our best care. We work directly with all presented artists and each unique artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Also, L’Epicerie Fine HK collaborates with companies for any creative related project. As a few examples, we do companies commissions for inside & outside wall painting, room design, creative ideas and artwork design on just an idea.