In collaboration with The Stallery, L’Epicerie Fine HK is delighted to present a new curated group show titled Faat Gok Gaai Tau Saa Long; and is proud to be part of this year’s Le French May 2020 associated projects.

Translating to “The French Street Salon” in Cantonese or “Salon de Rue à la Francaise” in French, the new show will introduce thirteen established and emerging artists active in the street art scene in France to Hong Kong viewers and collectors. Through its cohesive narrative, the show will highlight the participating artists’ diverse personal backgrounds, stories, and influences while drawing out points of confluence that make their works distinctly French.

After La Street Francaise, our first curated show in November 2019, we are back once again to highlight the diversity of French street art, this time with an expanded group of artists hailing variously from Paris—arguably the most iconic city of street art in the world—as well as Montpellier and Avignon in the South of France and the Brittany city of Rennes. Many of the participating artists, including Joachim Romain and Ender, will be shown in Hong Kong and Asia for the first time.

Deciding on which artists to work with was not an easy task for us as the street art scene in France is so diverse. After narrowing down our selection process, we decided to target only artists who truly distinguish themselves in their practice. In preparation for the show, L’Epicerie Fine HK travelled many times to the participating artists’ studios and worked closely with them as they created original artworks that showcase their divergent approaches to subjects and eclectic creative processes.

The other works featured in this show, mostly art toys and prints from private collections, tie into the narrative of the show by foregrounding the “French touch” in these modern creative industries which are steadily gaining a new worldwide audience and specific collectors.

More than thirty artworks across the mediums of paintings on canvas, pollard sculptures, art toys and prints will be presented at the exhibition. In addition to our main works, video interviews and performances will be shown during the exhibition to give viewers a more in-depth look at the participating artists’ backgrounds and processes.

L’Epicerie Fine HK is pleased to present works by:

André Saraiva (1971 -),

Ender (1973 -),

Goddog (1983 -),

Jo Dibona (1976 -),

Joachim Romain (1973 -),

L’Atlas (1978 -),

Le CyKlop (1968 -),

Leyto (1980 -),

Maye (1990 -),

Mist (1972 -),

Momies (1976 -),

Romain Froquet (1982 -),

& Stew (1978 -)

Gaishan (2019) by Goddog

Lignes Abstraites (2019) by Momies

You can now book online your viewing time slot and date. 4 people maximum will be allowed in The Stallery.


The exhibition will open May 9th until 31st – EVERY DAY from 11AM-7PM at The Stallery WCH. We sincerely hope that we can bring an authentic slice of the street art scene in France to Hong Kong during the French May 2020, and celebrate an art form that is uniquely intertwined with everyday city life.

9 – 31 May 2020

The Stallery – G/F, 82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Open everyday from 11 AM to 7 PM

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