From Massilia to Hong Kong

is an exhibition where Julien Raynaud retraces his journey between his hometown Marseille to Hong Kong.

His journey is done in three steps as Julien’s inspiration begins in Marseille and its country side in La Provence with its villages, landscapes and its everyday day life scenes. Julien Raynaud loves to express the different aspect you can find in the South of France. The people, the colors, the geometrical shapes, the spirit and of course the pride of his origins is Julien’s inspiration.

The second step of his journey brings us to Paris, a city in which he needs to transit to come to Hong Kong. Within Julien’s spirit of love, joy and share, he brings a new colorful and joyful point of view on France’s biggest city known as the world capital of Love. Lovely daily scenes of Paris are to be discover in different neighborhoods.

The final and third step of his trip is Hong Kong. A city in which he came in 2015 for a few days and that he briefly discovered. Julien imagined a brand new Hong Kong with existing scenes he remembered. His point of view recreates and reshapes the city in a new way with his geometrical and colorful style. As we all know, Hong Kong is a city where West meet East, and Julien Raynaud also inspired himself from the Asian culture to bring up a new approach of local habits.

L’Epicerie Fine HK and Julien Raynaud are pleased to invite you to their first solo pop-up exhibition in Hong Kong where you will discover a brand new look of three cities.

Quick bio about his work:

Julien Raynaud is an artist painter originally from Marseille, France. This young artist is a story-teller, full filling his art with great stories from his adventures around the world or impromptu people he has met; It’s a love story. Julien Raynaud art offers colorful geometrical figures, inspired by his past. Full of sincerity, love and hope Julien Raynaud tries to paint a more positive picture of life, with less cruelty always keeping his child’s eyes on the world.

His incessant creativity always brings him towards new projects from exhibition to private collections or collaborations in France and overseas; NYC, LA, Hong Kong and many more.

With Julien Raynaud

“From Massilia to Hong Kong”

From 15 September to 19 September 2016

At Yoga Bambam – 10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

Opening night and reception: 15 September 2016

Live performance from 15 to 17 September