DRAGAGES – CHINA HARBOUR – VSL J.V. has asked to L’Epicerie Fine HK to work on two main visual before the official opening of the HK – Macao – Zhuhai Bridge.

A Bridge Logo Art Creation

& Bridge Names Art Creation

DRAGAGES – CHINA HARBOUR – VSL J.V. requested that these two creations were based and inspired by traditional Chinese Calligraphy.

L’Epicerie Fine HK has therefore contacted Creepy Mouse who is a young artist that is really skilled in the traditional Chinese Calligraphy that he learnt from Masters. They have worked together during several weeks before submitting the first sketches.

The bridge logo is represented as Chinese Calligraphy but for the Bridge name, we have worked on  an interesting idea from the Chinese stamp with the red ink. This idea was adopted pretty quickly.

Many works and sketches were done before the final visual.

Also, both creations included a unique paper format.

Final Bridge Logo Creation

Bridge Names Final Creation

About Creepy Mouse:

Started with graffiti in 2008, picked up the spray and painting in the streets of Taiwan under the name of Mouse.Why Mouse you would ask yourself? Graffiti people are like mice in public eye, searching and taking people’s food without anyone notice in the middle of night, so graffiti people took away the city walls as pieces of canvas for graffiti, the feeling of rebellious and full of character to the public which is also known Creepy.

Follow with Calligraphy in 2011, first started with Gothic body for practice, eventually contacted a number of domestic and foreign Calligrapher and learn from them, finally applied Calligraphy onto graffiti / art, also was invited to join the International artistic team “Calligraffiti” in 2015.

As for the content of the work is mainly inspired in life emotions, sometimes it’s inspired from life, applied on the art piece which link the word and reality together at the end, making it a kind of combination of graphic design layout concept.