L’Epicerie Fine HK is delighted to present the group show La Street Française, a curated show that brings along ten French artists working and living in France and all from the street art scene.

Some of them work and live in the most iconographic street art city in the world – Paris, others come from the South of France – Montpellier & Avignon, and finally other from the West part of France – Rennes in Brittany.

The main objective with this group exhibition is to show the diversity of the French street art scene and the creation coming from their different backgrounds and stories.

It wasn’t easy to choose with who to work as the scene is so diverse in France, but our aim was to target established and emerging artists who we really think make the difference in their work. Indeed, L’Epicerie Fine HK worked closely with the artists to create artworks for this specific show and asked them to reinterpret their work for Hong Kong. What was Hong Kong signification, what the city inspire them, what was their vision about it…are among a few questions we asked them to work on this theme.

For the first time, some of these artists will be exhibited in Hong Kong and in Asia. It took passion, it took time to choose, time to travel, to visit the artists’ studios and finally setting up this group show.

Twenty artworks will be presented including canvases, pollard sculptures, Art toys and two prints.

L’Epicerie Fine HK is pleased to present works by:


Ardif (1986 -),

GoddoG (1983 -),

Jo Dibona (1976 -),

Le CyKlop (1968 -),

Leyto (1980 -),

Maye (1990 -),

Mist (1972 -),

Momies (1976 -),

Romain Froquet (1982 -),

& Stew (1978 -)

No Title by Mist

Ardif (1986 -)

Asian Dragon Mechanical – 2019

50 x 150 cm

Acrylic and marker on canvas


Jo Di Bona (1976 -)

Hong Kong Panda – 2019

80 x 80 cm

Mixed Media on canvas


Stew (1972 -)

Blue Bird 1 – 2019

110 x 90 cm

Acrylic and Spray Paint on canvas


Le CyKlop (1968 -)

Fucanglong – 2019

Height: 35 cm – Diameter: 10 cm

Acrylic on Parisian steel bollard


Exhibition: 21 November – 15 December 2019

Opening hours: 11 AM – 7 PM

THE STALLERY, 82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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