Ender is a French and Parisian Artist. He uses the technics of stencil to create his works. By creating, working and cutting his stencils, he creates different layers. Then he takes spray paint to create a finished artwork.

Ender has been travelling a lot and did a lot of intervention in the streets in France, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Resengburg in Germany, Florence and Naples in taly or even Tel-Aviv in Israel.

Since 2010, Ender had exhibitions mainly in France with renowned Galleries. During collectives exhibitions, he has always been aside with great artists.  He also exhibited in Italy in 2011 at Oblomov Gallery in Rome. More over, Ender has been at auction many times in France.

His Angels are his works and whenever we see one in the streets or in galleries, we know that it is Ender: attractive and pertinent