Goddog, real name Damien Mauro, is a street artist, born in 1983 in Chalons en Champagne. He grew up in Orgosolo, Sardinia, famous for its murals that decorate the houses. By evolving in this context, it was as if he was made for the world of street art. Completely self-taught, he began graffiti at the age of 15. His extremely graphic style is nourished with the visuals he came across. Whether it was through his travels, dreams or even books, the artist is like a magnet with its images and gives them shape spontaneously. Initially, he expressed his art on walls and then turned towards work in a studio on mainly on canvases. Whether it was on the street or his studio, Damien finds the same precision. It’s through this meticulous composition that he’s able to develop his universe. His abstract work is made up of simple shapes, lines, curves, along with a range of colors and make us go with the flow. Geometric and organic, his work reflects imaginary landscape. One can spot faces in his work, and they emerge in a gentle manner. Goddog doesn’t hesitate to play around with flat tints, textures or patterns which provide movement to his work.