Justin Person is a French- Berlin based artist whose studies in Graphic Design and Fine Arts serve as an influence for the artworks he creates both outdoors and indoors. His artistic practice is broad, often featuring familiar characters whose identity has been masked or blurred.

At times, these characters are even referenced by motifs from classical art, once again evoking familiar scenery that we’re still not sure if we can identify. The anonymity of these figures calls for an interpretation, an investigation into that world and the one around us as well, and make us question the idea of roles that have somehow been assigned to all of us, as members of modern-day society.

Drawing inspiration from both pop-culture and highbrow, the artist creates mysterious, quite abstract characters that serve as the icons of many generations past and future. Equipped  with simplicity and humor, the artworks of Justin Person leave lots of space for ambivalence, as they introduce a unique kind of aesthetics that mix graphic techniques with contemporary painting.

While outside, he sometimes works on the walls by engraving them. For his studio works he employs materials such as ink and acrylic to express the depth of his color and the scenery alike.