Quetzilla takes his roots from the magnificent South American bird, the Quetzal. Civilizations of the world, Mexican, great interest in myths and codes owned by Pre-Columbian civilizations influences appear in his pattern process. His characters are always showed from the side in reference to the Mayas or Egyptians. His style is based on the richness of mythological representations and civilizations, and it is constantly evolving, connecting to the roots with patterns and shapes.

The artist has started street art in 2011 in Lyon while he was studying in Art School. Considered as a “fine plume of Street Art”, Quetzilla creates collages, illustrations and paintings. For him, Street Art is not a job, but a state of mind, a need of expression and a way to share and spread emotions. The main driver in his work comes from pleasure and freedom of creation.

After several exhibitions through out Europe (France, UK, Germany), Quetzilla is establishing itself within his own style.