Passionate about graffiti since it’s beginning in the 1980’s in France, Tieri Trademark entered this universe by taking pictures in Paris, Toulouse, Pau  and then of the TDM crew in Montpellier. Far from the academic world, Tieri is a French self-taught artist and sculptor. His artistic career started when he bought a camera.

He started to take pictures while the Crew members were spraying. He then became passionate about the materials they used and left on the site. He started to take pictures and picked up those materials artists left behind them.

He works with aerosol spray cans and all the materials used by graffiti artists. Pots of paint, brushes, rollers and aerosol cans are the raw material in Tieri’s practice. His techniques are deformation, accumulation and compression with a colorful touch. The tools become sculptures and relive to be part of time. Those “BBoys” are ready to travel with customize and numbered boxes.

Tieri Trademark brings another vision of Street Art with an aesthetic research of used materials in the streets. He has collaborated with many artists such as Hopare, Julien Raynaud, JM Robert… and has exhibited in several places in France.