Unforgettable dinner

Julien Raynaud – (2016)

Unforgettable dinner

100 x 100 cm

Spray paint and acrylic on canvas



At first, Julien Raynaud is all about love stories and simply stories. Because this young artist, 28, from Marseille in France, has a lot to tell us. Adventures, a journey to the other part of the world and a lot of beautiful meetings with strangers are all told in his art and canvases with colorful and geometric shapes.

Julien Raynaud speaks about himself with his life inspired canvases. He speaks about sincerity, love and hope. His artworks are here to bring a more positive reality, a way to make life more beautiful and less cruel with a child eyes

France, New York, Los Angeles, Monaco and Hong Kong are several places where Julien has exhibit his art.